Software Integration – Achieve new levels of maintenance work flow efficiency today

Grow your property management business with Palace. A streamlined integration enabling you to get an up-to-date analysis of your business with KPI reports, graphs and comparisons which help you focus on growing your rent roll. You can create a richer online experience for your owners and tenants via our intuitive app where they can view video inspections, work orders and access all relevant information and reports – saving you time on communication. Discover the breakthrough software that skyrockets efficiency, eliminates admin headaches & comes with world-class support.

  • Control of maintenance, anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Exceptional efficiencies and time-saving
  • Enhanced customer service levels to landlords and tenants
  • Ongoing Trades Supplier Verification (Licenses and Insurances)
  • More effective control of Smoke Alarm servicing and contracts
  • Automated upload of approved invoices to Palace Liquid
  • Automation of reminders to trades and landlords
  • Automated creation of complete job audit trails
  • An intuitive online dashboard of priority tasks

A No Ongoing cost solution to your business as part of the
PropertySafe risk migration solution. Click for more info.

A fully mobile solution

Here's How it works with Palace

* Auto update of property information from Palace
* Capture the job from Tenant App or other devices
* Maintenance Manager (MMgr) opens from within Palace
* Quote requests or work orders sent via MMgr
* Enhanced communication to all parties
* Job complete - Approved invoice auto uploads to Palace payment que.
* Auto creation of full job audit trail including photos, emails and documents

Simple, faster, better customer service, fully integrated and fully mobile

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    “We do say to everybody that we come across in the industry that they have to run their maintenance through Maintenance Manager because I absolutely believe it is the best thing in the industry in the long time.”
    Tennille Mugridge, Managing Director, Home Specialist Property Management

    “The Maintenance Manager software by PropertySafe is by far the industry leader in providing cloud based workflow efficiencies and risk mitigation solutions for managing agents. Would I recommend it ? Absolutely.”
    Bob Walters, Executive Director of LPMA and True Property

    “The biggest step forward in creating efficiencies in Property Management I have seen for the past 20 years.”
    Jill Eisenhuth, Associate Director Property Management, Raine & Horne

    “Maintenance Manager allows us to spend only 10 –15 minutes a day on maintenance instead of the hours it took previously... We definitely recommend Maintenance Manager to other offices.”
    Andrew Dixon, Leader/Trainer Property Management, Ray White Northside Rentals

    “In 30 years, Maintenance Manager is probably one of the biggest game changers in our industry. If you’re not using Maintenance manager you need to get on board because it is just awesome.”
    Dorothy Hamilton, Principal, First National Palm Beach

    “It has revolutionised our office, streamlined it to the point where I don't know what we would do without it.”
    Rebecca Fogarty, Senior Property Manager, Toowoomba City Realty

    “Exceptional integration - Maintenance Manager has revolutionised the handling of Maintenance and processing of invoices. We now handle 30 minute tasks in 2 or 3 minutes.”
    Brett Wheatland, Property Management Department Manager, LJ Hooker Glenelg

    “It's a 'Game Changer' that brings with it so many benefits, as maintenance is an integral part of managing property and ensuring the property grows in value, returns and appeal.”
    Jo-Anne Oliveri, Managing Director, ireviloution

    “Maintenance Manager is a massive step forward in terms of efficiencies, risk mitigation and total convenience for our whole team. We love it and wonder how we ever lived without this exceptional time saver. Well done.”
    Mark Millington , Principal, First National Lakeshores

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