Principal FAQs

Most often asked questions.

My business financials and rent information is confidential, do you extract this data?

Absolutely not.  Your financial data is yours and never comes into maintenance manager, just data that allows for more effective communication to all parties about maintenance.

How much time and money am I likely to save using the solution?

Using the software to its full capacity you could be expected to save around $10,000 per annum for every 100 properties you manage. So 400 properties, around $40,000 saving every year.

Is there any ongoing cost to my business to use the software?

Not if you decide to have let us assist you educate your Landlords about the importance of providing a safe place environment for tenants to live by recommending PropertySafe Inspections and Reports. There is a small charge per SMS sent if you use this service our designated SMS Gateway.

Is the Support team locally based?

Yes. And they speak good old English and are always happy to help.  All our trainers and support crew are local, professional and easy to talk to, and understand and will help in any way they can.

Is the business or software new to the market, is it tested?

Yes. The Maintenance Manager solution has been live in the market for over 15 months and there are hundreds of users across the Country from Darwin, Perth, to Burnie in Tasmania and all throughout South Australia, Victoria, NSW, ACT and Queensland.

Do you make us use different trades people for quotes and jobs? and Do they have to become a member for us to send them a job?

No. You use all your existing Trades suppliers for work, and if you like you can choose from a list of alternate local trades who are verified for their licenses and insurances have previously had their licence and insurance verified.

I have heard that I can get a nil $ excess and lower premiums on my professional indemnity insurance policy using the PropertySafe solution , is this correct?

Yes. One of the Nations leading real estate Insurers, Coverforce offer reduced premiums and a nil $ excess policy for Property Management claims if you enrol in the platinum subscription. There is no other industry software that makes this offer eligible.

Can I get a snapshot of my teams performance in relation to the handling of maintenance anytime?

Yes. After entering your unique username & password on the secure login page, you can review a management summary dashboard anytime on your mobile phone, ipad tablet, laptop or computer.

Does PropertySafe own the rights to the software?

Yes 100%. All software development and ideas in the system are original ideas dreamed and created by the highly skilled development team based in Australia working in conjunction with highly experienced property management teams. All data is held in on secure reliable encrypted Australian servers.

Do you verify our trades suppliers and check licenses and insurers?

Yes. We do this as they join and ensure they remain verified at all times.

Is there a cost to setup the system?

There is a low setup investment that covers, system setup, training of your staff and the introduction of the system to your trades suppliers and training for them too. The total setup ranges from $499 to $899 dependant on your rent-roll size.

Do I need to upgrade my computer infrastructure to use the software?

No. As long as you have an internet connection at your office or via ipads tablets or mobile phone, your team can access the software anywhere on your existing equipment.

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