Property Manager FAQs

Most often asked questions.

How much time can I save using Maintenance Manager?

Around 80% of the time it takes to process now using your trust system.  Hard to believe initially but the proof is there. This should free you up time to do other less mundane tasks. As Jill Eisenhuth from Raine & Horne Beenleigh (QLD) said recently “This program handles all maintenance and audit trails, with automatic follow up emails to all parties concerned. It saves us heaps of time and we have a full audit trail at all times. Another good point is there is no ongoing cost to us the agent.”

Is there any ongoing cost to use the software?

Not for your office if your Principal agrees to educate your landlords about the importance of providing a safe place for tenants to live in, by recommending PropertySafe inspections and reports to your Landlords (see video by clicking here) There is a small charge per SMS sent if you use our designated SMS Gateway.

Will it work with my trust system?

Yes. Maintenance Manager works with all Trust account systems and dramatically increases the efficiency of the trust system. You can also add auto created audit trails of every Maintenance job to increase the accuracy and detail of all jobs in your trust system.

Can I use it when I’m out of the office?

Absolutely. Maintenance Manager is a fully mobile workflow software solution that you can use on smartphone, tablet, Laptops and PC’s, it’s so convenient.

What if there is no internet connection?

No problem, just use the free PM app on your smartphone or tablet to record and photograph any issue.

Will there be less duplication of data entry?

Definitely Yes. Current trust systems require huge amounts of duplication. Maintenance Manager has hundreds of preloaded templates so you can much more easily and quickly send things off to all parties, consistently formatted every time.

Is the Support team locally based?

Yes. All our trainers and support crew are local, professional and easy to talk to, and understand and will help in any way they can.

Does the system help with preparation for tribunal?

It sure does. At any time, on any job, you can print a pdf copy of the audit trail in 8-10 less than 15 seconds and then walk out the door with all the information you need. This document includes everything you need… all emails, notes, correspondence, times, dates etc including all vital documents relating to every job.

Is the business or software used by other Agents?

Yes. The Maintenance Manager solution has been live in the market for over 15 months and there are hundreds of users across the Country as far as Darwin, to Perth, to Burnie in Tasmania and all throughout South Australia, Victoria, NSW, ACT and Queensland.

Does the system send reminders for me?

Yes, Yes and Yes. Even while you are on holidays Maintenance Manager can be set to send automated reminders and follow ups to Landlords, Trades Suppliers, Tenants and Strata Managers on your behalf. Nothing will ever get forgotten due to the amazing technology utilised in the system. It’s the Promised land, set, forget and act only if something jumps out of the normal path. It’s like having your own virtual personal assistant.

Do you make us use different trades people for quotes and jobs and do they have to become a member for us to send them a job?

No way. PM teams across the country firstly want to use the trades suppliers they know.  You use all your existing Trades suppliers for work orders and quotes and if you like you can choose from a list of alternate local trades who have previously had their licence and insurance verified.

Can Tenants lodge maintenance request via and App or Website?

Yes, they can download the FREE Tenant Maintenance Reporting App. Where they can detail an issue, take a photo, hit send and it will appear on your screen instantaneously. No call, no email, no hand written notes, no more re-typing for you.

How is the Tenant kept up to date?

Easily and simply, via automated or manual email from the system, sms, printed letter or by simply checking the status on the FREE App or Tenant Website.

Can the tenant verify the completed work for me after the trades supplier says it’s done?

Yes, either via the App, clicking a link in an email or SMS or reviewing it on the tenant web portal.

How can I see the status of maintenance jobs in my portfolio?

With one mouse click from most screens. A list of all your jobs will appear and it can be sorted by priority and what is your responsibility at any time. Simple, easy and you will be in complete control.

Is there a cost to setup the system?

There is a very low setup investment that covers, system setup, training of your staff and the introduction of the system to your trades suppliers and training for them too. The total setup ranges from $499 to $899 dependant on the rent-roll size.

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