Most often asked questions.

How do I register for Maintenance Manager?

Registration for Maintenance Manager software is by invitation from your property manager/s who are using the system. Haven’t received an invitation but still interested in registering? Complete the contact form here and we will be in touch.

Will my business be advertised to other agencies in my service area?

Yes! Your information will be made available to agencies using the system if your service area matches with the postcodes of the agent’s service area. There is the option for you to create a small advertisement for all agents to see in your settings menu.

How will I receive new work orders or quote requests?

When a new work order or quote request has been allocated to your business, you will receive an email and/or SMS to advise you of the new request. Simply click on the link to securely access the maintenance manager dashboard on any device to review and schedule the request.

Do I need to change the way I invoice or quote jobs?

No. Whether you use handwritten quotes/invoices, an accounting system or an electronic spreadsheet or document, there is no need to change this in order to use Maintenance Manager. With a variety of ways to input information, you will not need to change the way your business handles quotations & invoices.

Why should I join?

More work, better information, faster payments. Multiple Agents in all areas across Australia now use the Maintenance Manager software to send work orders and quote requests to trades suppliers. By joining it will be easier for you to receive accurate job information and quicker for Property Managers to send you work and process your payments.

Who can join?

Membership is by invitation from property managers only. To qualify as a member you must have the necessary insurances and if applicable, the necessary licenses for all categories of work you nominate.

Is Maintenance Manager Australia-wide?

Yes, we operate in all states and Territories and have launched in New Zealand in 2015.

Can I get my business advertised to multiple agents if I join?

Sure can. Just nominate the postcodes in the areas you work, set your business exposure to all agents in Maintenance Manager and your business profile will be available to all agents in that postcode.

Why do I need to lodge my quotes through Maintenance Manager?

So they don’t get lost and the Property Manager can process the quote faster for either a work order or sending on to the landlord if requested. By providing all quotes electronically to the property manager you will save them considerable time.

Can I use the system on my phone, tablet or computer?

Yes, provided you have a smartphone and an internet connection.  You can also print off well formatted job sheets with all the information the property manager supplies you with.

Do I get tenant contact information with jobs?

Yes, and in addition you will get Google Map links, professional job sheets and information from the Property Manager about required quotes and expected job completion dates where applicable. You can also send a note direct to the Property Manager’s computer screen if you need to ask a question or provide more information.

How do my invoices get processed?

Immediately they are lodged via Maintenance Manager they are placed on the Property Manager’s Maintenance screen for processing. This means they will never get lost or misplaced. No more stamps, postage or lost invoices, ever!

Will I get paid faster?

We already have members telling us they get paid faster as nothing gets lost and it’s easier and clearer for the property managers to click ‘Approve’ for invoices. Once they click approve you also get immediate notification of the approval of the invoice for payment processing.

Does Maintenance Manager guarantee my payments?

No. We are a communication platform that transfers information between all parties to streamline communications and increase accuracy.  The Agent, Landlord, Strata or Tenant is responsible for your payments, just like they are now.

How many Trades Suppliers are involved?

Currently there are over 4,500 registered trades suppliers enjoying the benefits of the Maintenance Manager software.

If I decide to stop, what happens?

If you choose to not continue to use Maintenance Manager it is highly likely the Property Managers who send you work now will probably shed some tears. By using the Maintenance
Manager system you are providing the Property Manager with better information to make decisions and process your work orders and invoices faster.  Don’t forget, other trades suppliers will have information in trade categories and this could be accessed by the Property Manager if you are not on the PM’s favourites list anymore.

What details are required?

The registration page details this, however as a minimum, trading name, your name, ABN, address, contact details and copies of licenses/insurances relevant to what you do.

How many trades can I nominate for?

As many as you are licensed for or have the relevant qualifications to undertake.  Our license and insurance verification team can assist you with help regarding this if required.

Is my data safe?

Yes it is.  No other trades supplier will ever see your details or information about jobs you are quoting on or have won.

Can I be promoted to other Agencies within my area?

The best way to do this initially after you join is let every agent you work for know that you are a member of Maintenance Manager and would like to receive work through the system, as by doing this you are making it far easier for the Property Manager to send you jobs, especially when they are new to the job (which is the danger period for PM’s selecting someone else they know to complete your work).

What assistance is available if I get stuck?

Firstly, there are a range of help videos accessed any time on your phone, tablet or computer from the help menu and the friendly Maintenance Manager Trades Support team is here to help you if you can’t get the answer you want. In addition to our standard support times which services all states between 8am and 5pm, we have an online support request page where you can submit a question at any time. Don’t worry how minor your question might appear to be, we are here to help you to use and love the system.

How does the system work regarding payments?

Maintenance Manager is a credit based system and works just like the vast majority of Road/Bridge Toll Systems.  You pre-purchase credits to enable you to be able to receive and process all the work from Agencies or other sources.  Every time you complete a job and submit an invoice your credit balance is reduced by 1 credit regardless of the size or nature of the job.  There is no charge to register or receive work from your clients, no charge to submit quotes and no annual fee. There is no fee for $0 value invoices such as warranty calls or other no charge services you provide to your clients.

Automated Vs Manual top-ups?

You can elect to pay your recurring top-up amount either via an automated system (similar to the majority of Road/Bridge Toll Systems) or to do it manually.  The recommended system is the automated one as it ensures that you always have access to the information and are visible to your clients.  As soon as your balance reaches the low balance point of 2 remaining credits, the system will automatically process your agreed recurring payment amount.  In addition, as the cost is so low it is the most time-efficient option.  However, if you need a manual option it is available and you will be reminded when a top-up is required and be given the tools to trigger this manual process.

What happens if the automatic top-up fails?

A grace period will be provided for you to manually top-up your account, and upon the next transaction another attempt will be made to automatically deduct funds from your credit card on file. After this grace period however your account will be suspended effectively freezing any current jobs until your balance returns to a positive.

Are my credit/debit card details safe?

Yes, Maintenance Manager does not see your credit card information. This information is stored with our payment processor Merchant Warrior, who is Level 1 PCI Compliant under the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, which provides a secure environment for individuals to transmit information to a Merchant Warrior server. This information is encrypted during transmission, and in doing so, prevents unauthorized access to it. All information collected by Merchant Warrior is stored on a secure server owned by Merchant Warrior. This prevents personal information from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

Are there any processing or late fees?

No, however if you are more than 30 days or greater than $50 in arrears at any time, at our discretion you will suspended from using the system and will not be available on the system for Property Managers to send you any work. Once your account is corrected you will be available on the system again to Property Managers. If your account is in arrears more than 3 times in any year, at our discretion,  we reserve the right to completely remove you from the system and no future Property Managers will be able to invite you back into the system. At the end of the day we are very reasonable, however like in your own business if someone consistently doesn’t pay you, you generally don’t really want to deal with them anymore because they cause you stress and reduce your margins.

Can I get a refund if I stop using Maintenance Manager and there are outstanding credits?

Sure can, just send us an email. Don’t forget however in this instance your business profile and details will immediately be deleted from every property manager’s screen in every postcode you work in. You also will then not be able to come back as a member unless you are again referred by a Property Manager.  Before making this decision we strongly recommend you have a chat to our friendly team, however if you are retiring we wish you many happy years of relaxation and enjoyment.

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